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Motorhome RV


With the VolksWagen Crafter L2H2, we bring the comfort of your home together.

System Properties:

• VW Crafter L2H2 model
• Seating area: foldable table for 4 people
• Wireless chargers and USB sockets
• Motorized  TV with bluetooth speaker for indoor and outdoor usage
• Foldable worktop extension for kitchen
• Monoblock composite bathroom
• Slide-out system for 190x140cm bed size
• 5 external cameras, 3 outdoor lihgts for both side
• Internal monitor system for security



11 cubic meters of internal volume
Lithium life battery (ability to control the general status of the battery via the smart system phone application)
The life battery can be charged from the solar panel, from the alternator while the vehicle is in motion, and from the 220w grid.
The life battery can be charged from the solar panel in 4 hours
The electrical part has the characteristics of a marine system.
Electrical cables are tinned marine type fireproof cables.
All electrical systems are smart systems (control via phone app)
300W solar panel
Victron automation screen
All switches and sockets used are VIMAR TRANSEL marine type European standard products.
Multiplus sockets ( 220w home comfort )
3 wireless charging stations
Electrical Sliding V-board (step) system (Veldo)
Electrical Sliding Door System (Veldo)
Elastomeric rubber (prevents thermal bridge in vehicle metal)
Moisture barrier on elatomeric rubber
2 seater fixed seat
2 rotating seats
Hidden system dining table
Slide out tv unit (up-down and 360-degree rotation feature, control with remote)
Webasto dualtop ewo 8 space heating and water heating diesel (provides consumption from the vehicle's own fuel tank)
Lighting brightness adjustable
Lighting color options
Heating consumption is 2 liters in 8 hours
There is a BOSE brand usb sound system in the TV unit and there is 1 wireless charging unit.
2 wireless charging units
Webasto x100 diesel cooker (provides consumption from the vehicle's own fuel tank)
Cabinets are made using marine plywood (not affected by water, humidity, etc.)
Carion countertops in one piece marble look
Marine system faucet battery
The bathroom area is made of composite material as a vehicle-specific mold.
The water system is a booster system (water pressure is adjusted automatically)
110 lt clean water tank
60 lt waste water tank
Dometic brand cassette toilet
Spacious bathroom area
Outdoor shower attachment
Slide out bedroom
1 mt usable area in closed position
Provides 1.90 mt bed space in open position
Lighting brightness adjustable
Lighting color options

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